Transgender PEOPLE in the Military


Let me start this post by saying I am NOT anti-transgender. I honestly don’t care if someone is or not, to each his own. Anyway, I do have an opinion when it comes to the bathroom issue, or the military. So here it goes …

The Military is NOT an equal opportunity employer, and if you were under the impression that it is or ever was, you my friend are an idiot. The military declines people from joining EVERY fucking day, all day long! You can NOT join the military if you are unable to read or write, have a speech problem, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, allergic to fucking bees, have asthma, ever broken a damn bone, if you are a woman and have ever missed periods. What the hell makes you think you can join if you are a “woman” with a cock? I mean, really? I am not saying that to be an asshole, I really would love to understand. The list of reason why someone is denied entry into the military is fucking endless. You can’t even join if you are color blind, to me that seems pretty damn minor compared to the topic of “transgenderism” … is that even a word? I don’t know .. whatever!

For one thing, why the hell do you actually want to join? Don’t give me that “I wanna fight for my country” bullshit. There are a lot of people who would love to join for that reason who are denied every damn day, what the fuck makes you think you should be the exception? Now, the even bigger issue on this … Where the hell do you think you “fit” in the military? Men and women are separated for training, sleeping and showering purposes. Tell me where does a woman with a cock shower? Or a man with a vagina? Do you think that a bunch of women sharing a shower are going to comfortable with you in the shower with them? NOPE! Or what about the men, the men that can’t get laid, and have raging fucking testosterone building up … do you think they are going to be accepting? Is it shitty, yeah it is for transgender people. But, guess what buttercup .. it is reality! That is the world we live in, and this is our military. The military is barely accommodating to women, what makes you think it is going to accommodate people that have voluntarily switched genders?

Not to mention the medical problems, and costs that are associated with allowing it. The military is not for that, and why should it be. What about the enemy? Our current muslim enemies, hate women let alone someone who has switched genders. Do you really believe they would take you seriously? If it were allowed, we would become a joke! Our military would be laughed at. We have standards for a reason, and people have known that for centuries. Why don’t you respect those standards and stop pushing the issue. I can’t do everything in the world just because I want to. What about all of the people who have been turned away before? Should we tell them not to worry about it, just cry that it is discrimination and they will fight to let you in? NO! It doesn’t work that way.

What pisses me off even more is that the people who are for this nonsense are people who have never served a day in the military … my response to them is simple. Shut the fuck up! No one wants to hear your opinion on a matter that you do not even truly understand. If you were to ask anyone that has served and has done so honorably, I am willing to bet they would say that there is no place in the military for transgender people. They would not say it to be hateful, they would say it because it is true. There just isn’t and I am sorry that hurts your feelings but it is the military. Your feelings don’t fucking matter so suck it the fuck up buttercup!

Now for those that are in the military that are bashing President Trump for this decision: Shut the fuck up and sit your ass down! First of all, I don’t give a shit whether or not you voted for him he is your Commander-in-Chief, and while you are wearing that uniform you don’t have an opinion. You forfeited the right to bash him when you signed that line. So stay off of Facebook and stop bashing him. If this were the civilian world you’d be fired for that shit. If you wear the uniform, and truly believe that transgender belong in the military … guess what? Chances are you probably don’ belong in the military either! I am just keeping it real. I am sure at this point you snowflakes that are offended by this post are probably like “You are a stupid bitch, how dare you say these things, you don’t get an opinion.” Well I am here to bust your bubble: I do actually. Why? Because I have served and I have fought for that right, I also was a military brat growing up. I have had parents, grandparents, and uncles serve. I served, and I have been married twice to men that have served. So yeah, I feel as though I have earned the right and that I have enough knowledge on the military and the way it works to express this opinion. You don’t have to like it, I don’t really give a fuck! I am just keeping it real, and sometimes the truth hurts. Oh well, that’s life! Get the fuck over it!

What do YOU think? Sound off in a comment below!


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